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Make sure your picture looks like you

Gepost door Jets op 15 november 2022

Make sure your picture looks like you

Avoid group photos on your dating app profile. You don’t want to confuse potential dates about which person in the group you are. Similarly, you might want to include a far-away shot of you with a famous landmark to communicate your love of traveling, but long-distance photos don’t show your face well.

The plan is to eventually meet these people in real life, right? Editing a photo to a point where it doesn’t look like you or using a photo that is old will come across as false advertising. Make the visuals on the profile an honest reflection of your appearance.

Write an honest profile

It’s not just your appearance that you need to be honest with. Don’t fake your age, your height, your preferences, your favorite movies or your opinions because you think it will get you more attention. Let your profile reflect your true self, not what you think others are looking for.

What to do if your matches aren’t what you expected

You may soon discover that the potential matches popping up for you aren’t exactly what you were expecting. Go back to your trusty settings to make sure your preferences stuck, or add a few more. Continue Reading

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