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Q & An alongside Marguerite Horberg from Hot-house

Gepost door Jets op 25 februari 2023

Q & An alongside Marguerite Horberg from Hot-house

Caribbean News Digital’s Cuba reporter Claudia Gomez talked solely having Marguerite Horberg, Ceo regarding Hot-house Chicago, the new social heart that prepared and arranged the latest show getting Cuba toward July 18 and you can 19.

Very first, excite understand that the process went rapidly that individuals performed not have time to manufacture the complete portrait we might keeps whenever we had more time. Significant music artists like Bobbi Cespedes or other later choice such as for instance Jackson Browne and you will Bonnie Raitt didn’t improve final performance adaptation because we’d to produce some unfortunate work deadlines. This obviously has been a performance that have various other 2 days of good audio, poets and you can activists credit the sounds.

The brand new curation try a collaborative procedure which have Statement Martinez, Raul, and that i decision making. Suzanne Thompson also ideal certain alot more famous Hollywood brands which featured vital that you make visibility regarding popular mass media

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