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TIPTON, Joel Tipton compensated in Callaway co an equivalent 12 months because Mr

Gepost door Jets op 10 februari 2023

TIPTON, Joel Tipton compensated in Callaway co an equivalent 12 months because Mr

Thomas did, (1817) and you can near their place. He had been a very high guy and you will good trapper, but no huntsman.

He or she is now after dark many years where males be involved in social items, but the guy still feels a desire for the success of his beloved cluster, therefore the supremacy away from honesty and a beneficial authorities

THORNTON, William Thornton along with his son, James, also compensated during the Callaway co. during the 1817. They were great hunters and trappers.

TRUETT, Samuel Truett, off KY. , Mary and Nancy. Thomas married SALLY KIMBROUGH, away from KY., and you will settled in Callaway Co. within the 1828. Their college students was Nathaniel, Benjamin, Susan, Elizabeth, George, , Sarah, John, Ellen, uel Truett, hitched ELLEN BRANNON, and settled inside the Boone Co., MO. Mary partnered BERKLEY ESTUS, and paid when you look at the Boone Co. Nancy , exactly who settled inside the Monroe Co., MO.

THORNHILL, Jesse Thornhill and his spouse, E STEPHENSON, away from Buckingham Co., Virtual assistant., got a guy entitled Thomas, just who uel, Charles B., Nelson, Albert, Thomas, Jesse, Jermima, Hattie, Elvira, Susan and you may uel is actually partnered very first so you can SUSAN STEVENS; second to help you AGNES ROBINSON, and you may third so you’re able to MARGARET MCCRACKEN. The guy compensated into the Callaway Co. for the 1838. Charles B. was married in Virtual assistant. in order to E MOSELEY, and compensated when you look at the Callaway Co. Continue Reading

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